It’s happening! Aug 6th will be one of our most fun collaborations yet. Join Chicago cyclists, makers, fashion designers and other creative, fun people for #Bike2Life, a Drink Tank featuring our partnership with Betabrand and Divvy. Together we’ll be making shit, and we’ll be making shit happen.

Why how did such a glorious union come to be, you ask? Great question. We met Liz Russof, Director of Betabrand’s Think Tank, earlier this year, which put the wheels in motion (pun intended, unless puns annoy you, in which case it was not). For those of you unfamiliar, Betabrand is a clothing community based in San Francisco, but worn with pride around the world. The concept is simple yet ingenious:  Betabrand’s community submits product designs through the website and crowdfunds ideas into existence in a matter of weeks. Products emphasize form and functionality, and share a wit and irreverence that is unique to the brand. (Think: Dress Pant Sweatpants, The Flashback Photobomber Hoodie, or the Work It Skort.)

Liz was looking for a clever and creative community in Chicago, and that’s where we came in. Like Betabrand, Drink Tank events unlock the power of community to make great things happen. We knew this partnership would lead to great things.

At this Drink Tank we’ll invent/design/pitch/iterate/dream up products and designs to improve the lives of Chicago’s cyclists. We invited Divvy Bikes to join the collaboration to ensure that our solutions would be meaningful would be useful. They shared research to help us understand their customer needs and motivations, and we used these insights to inform the Drink Tank “event tracks”. Check out these tracks to get your wheels turning-- the ideation and online submissions have already begun on Betabrand’s website here.

Got an idea that’s not quite ready for prime-time, no problemo. As an added bonus Liz will be offering Think Tank office hours while she’s in town. So bring your concepts from the Aug 6 Drink Tank, get your prototypes off the shelf, and sketch out those ideas that have been kicking around in your head: Now is that time to make them happen.  Schedule time to meet with Liz to get personalized coaching and tips, and suggestions to bring your ideas to market. Don’t be shy, she’s excited to meet you. Promise.

So join us August 6 to meet great people, enjoy Chicago beers, and help generate new products that improve life on two wheels and help put Chicago in the fast lane/bike lane during the first-ever Betabrand Midwest event.  RSVP directly on Eventbrite.

Special thanks to event sponsors Ancien Bikes for supplying the space, and Goose Island for supplying the hops.