Ever get the sense there are certain things you notice that others miss? Do you think it’s fair to expect more from the status quo? Do you keep coming back to a set of questions that won’t fade away, even when it feels like the world is politely encouraging you to let it go already?

This happened to us. We started Drink Tank because we kept saying that there had to be a way to bring people with different perspectives together to collaborate, solve problems and strengthen communities, brands, and teams in the process. After two years for experiments and tinkering, we developed a process and framework to help companies and communities learn from one another. We also have had the chance to meet some excellent humans along the way.

Recently we started sitting down with these allies-- people who are passionate about the work they do, persistent in their convictions, and generous with their wisdom. They were kind enough to answer our questions, so we thought it only right to make a video and syndicate more broadly (aka share it with you fine people).

In this illustrated podcast you’ll hear from Michael Slaby, someone who has spent his career creating and measuring impact. Michael is the former CTO and Chief Innovation Officer for the Obama campaigns, where he used technology and data science to help create national, grassroot support. He’s now the CEO and Head of Mission at Timshel, a technology platform that enables and empowers nonprofits to more accurately and efficiently scale their impact.

So take a few minutes (six if we’re going to be technical about it) and watch and learn why Michael believes:

  • Business growth and social impact are not mutually exclusive
  • People want to know their company stands for something
  • You can’t know if you've made an impact unless you start measuring. So do that. Start measuring.

Bullet points only get us so far. Hear it from Michael himself-- be sure to listen to this illustrated podcast with your audio enabled.


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