At Drink Tank, we believe in an economy of reciprocity – we think people who contribute their expertise and experience to the community should be able to access comparable support in return.

We founded Drink Tank to foster community pairings that result in useful connections to people, resources, and ideas.  Our events apply design principles to facilitate serendipitous moments that couldn’t have happened with one person working alone. We’ve employed our methods to help a fashion brand create prototypes based on ideas from its loyal customers, a nonprofit partner tell its own story through the eyes of talented creatives, and a tech company engage its employees to articulate and scale company culture. And while our format and location might change (we’ve convened anywhere from bike shops, to Airbnb lofts, to tap rooms and office atriums, all the way from San Francisco to Lexington) our goal is always the same: to create an environment of mutually advantageous exchange.

One of the best parts of running Drink Tank is that this kind of work introduces us to fascinating people who are in the process of building meaningful things.  Over the course of the past year we’ve collided and collaborated with entrepreneurs, philosophers, developers, designers, scientists, and artists from all over.  Victor Saad, founder and president of Experience Institute and the Leap Year Project, is one of those people. For the past two years we’ve worked with Victor and his team at the Experience Institute as instructors of Human Centered Design. There, we’ve observed first hand Victor’s unyielding optimism and dedication to helping others make a leap to something great. We’ve also observed just how hard it is to run a school, a successful kickstarter, and start a global movement at the same time. We recently sat down with Victor and asked him: What’s the process to build something meaningful?

Victor was kind enough to break down his response into five “easy” steps.  In the Drink Tank spirit of reciprocity, we are excited to share what we learned and hope you find it useful as you take your next leap. Go forth and build, friends.  And cheers to that.