You know when you go to an event, and it's full of interesting people, and everyone is excited and contributing ideas, and then... nothing happens? Yeah. We do, too. At Drink Tank, we know your time is valuable so we make sure not to waste it. We give serendipity a nudge by bringing smart, multidisciplinary thinkers together to solve problems, unlock creativity and make meaningful connections. And since our goal is to ensure that Drink Tanks are as fun as they are useful, it means that we're on the hook to maintain the momentum. After the event we send the "Distillation" to participants and hosts, a recap of key ideas, themes, and outcomes.

Curious what a Drink Tank looks like in action? Perfect. Check out the video montage below. 

(Featured Drink Tank Events: Betabrand, Braintree, Google, and The Onion)