local brand activation:
sustainability tour with goose island

“We wish to enrich the cultural landscape of Chicago and support the inspirational organizations within our communities...” - Goose Island Values     


Like Drink Tank, Goose Island celebrates curiosity, innovation and community, and is proud of its Chicago roots. We joined forces with the beer company for their 2016 Migration Season. Drink Tank designed, executed and measured a series of hyper-local brand activations to support and strengthen their brand position around sustainability, environmental innovation and authentic local impact.

Through our partnership Goose Island we helped export Chicago’s spirit of collaboration from coast to coast, and fuel conversations that matter. We identified relevant local issues, unique venues, and community influencers, and brought them together for a Party with a Purpose.  Using creative applications of design thinking, we helped communities look at something familiar in a new way.


  • The four "community pairings" brought consumers together to make a local, relevant impact in key issues related to sustainability. Following the event more than 250 people took the pledge to share the event outcomes and continue the momentum.
  • Drink Tank content reached two million people through media and social channels, and improved brand perception among participants.
  • Events raised more than two thousand dollars for organizations that Goose Island supports. 
  • Sessions provided a useful strategic catalyst: Each of our community partners plans to use outcomes and insights from the Goose sessions to advance their local missions. Cheers to that!

Portland, ME: Lobster Hack

We gathered lobstermen, designers, artists, engineers and scientists together to redesign the lobster trap. In the process our Goose Island event was featured on the front page of the Portland Press Herald and raised awareness for the Gulf of Maine research institute and sustainable fishing practices. The event was held at Portland’s largest makerspace which has started hosting design thinking events aimed at the general public. And of course, the topic of lobster traps and sustainability continues to be top of mind in the northeast. Read more about our efforts to bring innovation to an industry steeped in tradition on our Portland Session Notes.


We collaborated with the Trust for Public Land where we created story-starters to surface insights for key personas in the Trust’s outreach campaigns.These insights are now being used to fundamentally reshape marketing messaging in California. More on how some of The Bay Area's most creative minds reimagined green spaces here on our Oakland Session Notes.


In Chicago we partnered with the Alliance for the Great Lakes to “Map Lake Michigan”, an event that brought a diverse group of thinkers to create maps of the lakeshore. After the event Drink Tank converted these maps into digital format to launch an online campaign that the Alliance for the Great Lakes will use to mobilize volunteers and donors throughout the midwest. Explore these uniquely generated maps on our Chicago Session Notes.


We created an event to elevate local food and ingredients to an art form. In collaboration with chefs, farmers, artists and Goose Island brewers we hosted a progressive beer dinner to cultivate creativity, and result in a community generated piece of art that is now being sold to raise awareness and funds for FairShare CSA. Explore a menu collaboration and see "Grow Together" the original print inspired by the gathering on our Madison Session Notes.